Coco Farm sp. z o.o. is a commercial endeavor, realized under project "Innowacja Kluczem do Sukcesu" (Innovation is the Key to Success). The company is the manufacturer and owner of brands creating innovative food products derived from the coconut palm.

Coco Farm introduces the highest quality products based on coconut to Polish markets. Our assortment is produced based on import of resources from the region of the Pacific Ocean and production in Poland. All of our products are characterized by their unique nourishment properties and thanks to the certificates they have, they are qualified as bio, eco and organic products.


Our mission

The mission of Coco Farm is to propagate among Polish people healthy and ecological attitudes about their lives. This is done through the supply of innovative, natural products derived from coconut palm.

What distinguishes us

We are specialists of the coconut palm. We are the only manufacturer in the Polish market of coconut water, oil, and other coconut palm products such as chips, sugar, and flour. To provide the highest quality products, we work with our own import of resources from a carefully selected, constant source. The resources come from the Philippine Archipelago, a region where, according to experts, the best coconuts in the world are grown. We are constantly studying the health and functional properties of the coconut to discover more in the field of coconut usage. We create products that provide Polish consumers with natural richness straight from the coconut. We invited a group of top specialists from the Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology (IAFB) to collaborate and together we are working on how to optimally utilize the coconut’s unique properties. The recipes and technological processes being created are the outcome of knowledge based on the highest European standards, and they maintain the highest degree of naturalness. Our production process includes restrictive regulations and controls. The best proof of our products’ high quality and naturalness is the fact that we are a certified BIO producer.


Coco Farm is formed by people who deal with business every day and who connect with each other through common hobbies and interests like sports and a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to many years of experience, we created our team, which offers not only knowledge and commitment, but pragmatism as well. Aside from a business perspective, we also feel an ethical need to share the unique properties of coconut palm- based products.