100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil



from fresh, organic coconuts, cold pressed


Coco Farm organic virgin coconut oil is made from the highest quality selected and handpicked young coconuts. Coconut palms cultivated with the use of traditional methods grow on ecological, certified, and controlled farms. The oil is produced with use of methods that have been applied for hundreds of years that consist in cold, mechanical pressing of fresh coconut flesh. As a result of these laborious and natural procedures in Coco Farm oil one can find richness of composition and unique properties of the coconut.

100% organic virgin coconut oil

  • pure organic coconut oil, without any additions
  • cold-pressed from fresh fruit
  • untreated, with pleasant coconut odor
  • without preservatives
  • Ingredients: 100% organic coconut oil from coconuts from ecological, certified farms of the Philippine Archipelago
  • bio-certified