100% Organic Pure Coconut Oil



pressed from organic coconuts, unscented


Coco Farm coconut oil during frying reaches nearly twice the temperature of popular oils*. It positively affects the quality of meals. A higher temperature ensures safer and more valuable frying and roasting. 100% Organic Pure coconut oil, due to lack of scent, is perfect for both exotic and Polish cuisine. Thanks to its solid consistency it can be used to replace butter for bread and baking.

*Fats have different temperatures of smoking. After crossing this point they start to lose their nutritional values. Food then tastes burnt and becomes harmful to health.

100% organic pure coconut oil

  • unscented
  • purified
  • without preservatives
  • Ingredients: 100% organic coconut oil from coconuts from ecological, certified farms of the Philippine Archipelago
  • bio-certified